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Focaccia flop or not?

Now, I’m not sure if this was a complete flop … I mean … the focaccia’s were edible and they looked good …

Perhaps the reason why I would deem these not a complete success stems from the fact that I used bread flour as opposed to normal, baking flour and the dough was somewhat heavier than I think it should’ve been. Also, I didn’t have the full amount of yeast as per the recipe – by a milligram of a teaspoon! Not exactly grounds for an automatic fail …

And perhaps ‘flop’ is too strong a word because it wasn’t a complete flop … merely heavier than what a focaccia should be.

BUT, if you look at my photo above – and as my brother would proudly point out – my focaccia’s did come out looking very close to the original photo in Baked and Delicious, which is where I got the recipe from.

And they tasted yummy warmed up on the braai along with the garlic bread.

The ‘flop’ just became a ‘win’.

Mzoli’s Magic Bread

Hands up who’s a fan of the fabziliciousness that is the shisa nyama at Mzoli’s Meat Market, Cape Town; not to mention the awesomeness that is their rustic, homemade bread … *drooling over laptop right now*

Thank you to Catherine from Singita Game Reserves for this (beautifully styled with logos et al) pic of the not-so-attractive fabzilicious bread!

Makes me want to skip the Weigh Less eating plan (it’s not a diet, remember) and head on over for a bite of my own …

*taps finger on chin and considers proposition*

Actually, I think I will make a turn there and find out what’s in that bread … watch this space …

Back to the farm – sweetcorn bread recipe

Thanks to my dearest friend, Catherine – originally from Graaff Reinet – I’ve officially fallen in love with her rustic sweetcorn bread.

Trust me, this is what carb dreams are made of, guys and gals.

It’s a definite crowd pleaser – in fact when I took it to Anthea’s fondue birthday party it was a hit with everyone! I must’ve given out the recipe about ten times …

And here’s number eleven, just for you:


500g Snowflake self-raising flour

40g sugar

1 tin KOO creamed sweetcorn

125ml milk

a pinch of salt


Pre-heat the oven to 180C

Mix all the ingredients into a gooey (very gooey) mixture

Bake for an hour or until the centre is cooked through

Enjoy warm, cut into thick ‘doorstop’ slices, smothered with butter or margarine … ‘nuf said

Forget the diet … um hum … I mean eating plan when you bake this bread because you won’t be able to resist.