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Bring back the old-fashioned Kinder Surprise eggs, pah-leeeese!

It’s fabzilicious Friday and today I’d like to send out a plea to Ferrero to bring back the old-fashioned Kinder Surprise eggs I used to love so much as a child … and as an adult, to be honest …

Pretty please with a huge cherry on top!

For my younger followers (bless your cotton socks), a Kinder Surprise egg consisted of two halves of delicious, creamy chocolate, which contained a (traditionally) yellow capsule with a toy inside it that you needed to assemble.

Right now you may be thinking why I’m making such a fuss about the Kinder Surprise eggs when we still have the Kinder Joy on the market.

It’s simple, girls and boys. The only joy you’ll ever get from the Kinder Joy is having finally managed to scoop up the two chocolate balls lodged in the hardened chocolate (it’s SO not creamy as the promo images lead you to believe…believe me!) with the ridiculously ‘large’ and ‘sturdy’ plastic spoon. This is of course after you’ve opened up the other half of the egg only to discover your toy is practically already assembled and you don’t really need to use your grey matter at all.

What’s worse, there’s no yellow plastic capsule for me to keep and add to my collection of “I may need this someday” paraphernalia.

Oh, and the chocolate and bastardised Ferrero Rocher-like balls are nowhere near as yummy as the original Kinder Surprise egg chocolate.

My question is: Ferrero, why did you mess with a perfectly good thing?