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Proudly (half) Italian

Last night the Ogilvy Cape Town PR ladies and one gentle PR man celebrated a fabulous year of uber-PR-ness at Il Leone Mastrantonio in Cape Town.

In all honesty, I’m a rather fussy Italian restaurant diner based solely on the fact that I actually know what good Italian food should taste and look like, and I barely ever eat out at an Italian restaurant because of my fussiness.

Having said that, however, last night was delicious – grazie, Il Leone!

The melanzane alla parmigiana starter was orgasmic, the gnocchi with Gorgonzola were stinky (in oh such a good way) and divine, and my filetto – which was done to perfection – topped with black pepper sauce was … *sigh* … I’m still trying to find the appropriate adjective for it … fabzilicious!

Dessert consisted of a crepe of sorts (had no idea us “I-ties” made crepes…but hey…no worries!) drizzled with a hazelnut chocolate sauce, accompanied by a scoop of creamy (what tasted like homemade) vanilla ice cream *heavenly* and slivers of fresh fruit.

*licks lips*

Word to the wise, when in Cape Town do as the Capetonians do and get yourself to Il Leone Mastrantonio.

Bon appetito!

*waves ciao*


Wake up and smell the coffee

Happy International Coffee Day!

Where does your favourite coffee come from?

I’m very (very) biased and L-O-V-E Vida e Caffe coffee … especially with that Lindt 70% chocolate morsel dropped in for added ompf.


However, loving the coffee doesn’t mean I love the Vida e Caffe barista and employees screaming my order out or the obligatory ‘obrigado’ when I drop a contribution in the padlocked tip jar … Most times, coffee is my remedy for waking up after a red-eye flight to Jo’burg or a heavy session of Pinotage the night before, so screaming and yelling … not good for my brain … *shhhh*


Happy birthday to yooooou!

Dave Duarte, you biscuit!

Happy birthday for yesterday and thank you for presenting an awesome ODMA course at Ogilvy Cape Town – you rock!

And how best to celebrate a birthday? With cupcakes from Charly’s Bakery – of course!

*stuffs face*


That easy, huh?

Honestly I thought there was some uber-impressive way of filling cupcakes (or muffins for that matter) but it’s as simple as using an apple corer and making a hole … then filling it!

Why didn’t I think of that when I was baking my gooey-caramel-centred muffins on Friday?

Fabz … d’oh! *slaps forehead*

Thanks to Sugarland Bakery in the US for the very easy tip … should’ve really thought of that myself …

Ask and ye shall receive

Roxanne asked me to make her moist chocolate cake with a gooey caramel centre … just because.

And I obliged by baking my signature chocolate muffins with gooey caramel centres. YUM!

I may be biased but I can say they were simply fabzilicious.

The chocolate icing was a tad too sweet but admittedly I haven’t made icing in forever so I’m a little out of practice.

The stars and hearts were added … umm … just because. I felt like playing with sugar paste and food colouring.


Eating plan, schmeating plan …

I’m too tired to stick to an eating plan today … so the fat free (delicious) Woolworths Ayrshire vanilla flavoured yoghurt and the healthy, crunchy apples have been substituted by a (not so healthy) croissant from The Buzz … c’est la vie! *munch munch*

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your … size 12 hips!

The worst part about embarking on an eating plan (not a diet, dammit!) is that you cannot eat all the chocolate in the world. And then a friend asks you to make her a moist chocolate cake with a caramel centre … yip, I’m going to looooooove baking that one!

It’s Friday and I want a muffin.

Size doesn’t matter …

In baking, when it comes to the matter of size I would say that it’s not necessarily bigger = better.

Case in point, en route back to Cape Town a couple of weeks ago, I bought a choc-chip muffin from Fournos Bakery at OR Tambo International. It was huge so I – Miss Eager Beaver – couldn’t wait to dig into it. (My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach!)

In short, I can’t say it was anything to write home about … rather something to moan about on my blog …

It wasn’t the muffin’s fault but I have to report it was rather tasteless and the hugeness of it all really didn’t do the muffin any justice.

Having said that, however, I (once again) succumbed to a Charly’s Bakery double choc-chip chocolate muffin about a week ago, which I am very happy to announce was mucking afazing! And … it was huge … BUT tasty beyond belief.

Back at home, I bake my own double choc-chip chocolate muffins that are cupcake size but jam-packed full of tummy tickles and anyone munching one would agree, but in our bigger-is-better consumerist existence we prefer to know that if you’r spending R16.50 on a muffin it damn well better be huge – never mind what it tastes like.

OK, that’s my rant done for the day.

Fournos, I don’t dislike your baking by any stretch of the imagination but do feel you need to put your consumers’ taste buds before size and profit.


Midnight snack

What do you do when you’re feeling like a choc-chip chocolate muffin at 10 o’clock in the evening?

You make them from scratch, of course!

There’s nothing more scrumptious than a warm choc-chip chocolate muffin accompanied by a cup of hot cocoa, a comfy couch, DVD and nowhere to go on a stormy night … bliss *sigh*

Mucking afazing indeed

Any visit to Charly’s Bakery leaves me salivating … and these flying piggy biscuits are too freaking adorable not to sink your teeth into.

Oink oink!

Boarding passes, please …

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