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Psychedelic, dude!

Candace Staub at Simply Koeked, you are a legend in your own baking time! What an awesome 60′s-inspired cake…you have to share your secrets…how’d you manage to get all them colours in there? :/

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  1. I’m still waiting to find out how to do this …

  2. Hey ladies…

    Ok here it is ;-)…

    You make a normal vanilla cake mix, separate it into SIX bowls, add GEL colouring {in rainbow colours eg: RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, BLUE, GREEN and VIOLET (forget indigo because it looks to similar to violet}, mix colour in cake mix well and the when you are ready to start making your rainbow in the cake tin you put the first colour in middle of tin and keep adding the rest directly on top of it… each colour will spread out and you will be left with the rainbow effect when you cut your cake.

    Happy Baking ladies x x x

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