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Ask and ye shall receive

Roxanne asked me to make her moist chocolate cake with a gooey caramel centre … just because.

And I obliged by baking my signature chocolate muffins with gooey caramel centres. YUM!

I may be biased but I can say they were simply fabzilicious.

The chocolate icing was a tad too sweet but admittedly I haven’t made icing in forever so I’m a little out of practice.

The stars and hearts were added … umm … just because. I felt like playing with sugar paste and food colouring.


3 Responses to Ask and ye shall receive

  1. They were out of this world!!!! – Thank you sooo much !

    • Rox, it was an absolute pleasure, hon. I’m going to experiment with a new chocolate cake recipe with … wait for it … a gooey caramel centre – just for you!

  2. Loves it – let me know when you need sampling done! ;)

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