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Focaccia flop or not?

Now, I’m not sure if this was a complete flop … I mean … the focaccia’s were edible and they looked good …

Perhaps the reason why I would deem these not a complete success stems from the fact that I used bread flour as opposed to normal, baking flour and the dough was somewhat heavier than I think it should’ve been. Also, I didn’t have the full amount of yeast as per the recipe – by a milligram of a teaspoon! Not exactly grounds for an automatic fail …

And perhaps ‘flop’ is too strong a word because it wasn’t a complete flop … merely heavier than what a focaccia should be.

BUT, if you look at my photo above – and as my brother would proudly point out – my focaccia’s did come out looking very close to the original photo in Baked and Delicious, which is where I got the recipe from.

And they tasted yummy warmed up on the braai along with the garlic bread.

The ‘flop’ just became a ‘win’.

Just because …

Just because I felt like making mini, chocolate cupcakes … I did.

And they were divine!

I think more people should make mini cupcakes.

You don’t feel as guilty when they’re bite-sized …

For the recipe check out issue 1 of Baked and Delicious.

*smacks lips and contemplates making more mini cupcakes tonight*

Show flat karma cupcakes

After years of day-dreaming about it, I’ve finally found my dream loft apartment situated in the funky neighbourhood of Observatory, Cape Town.

Now in order to afford the loft apartment, which is by no means beyond my budget but I also don’t want to live on bread and water whilst trying to pay off two bonds, I need to sell my current apartment in Salt River.

As an offering to the Property Fairies (there are fairies for everything!) I decided to make mini cupcakes to sweeten the deal. The mini cupcakes tasted like a little bit of heaven in every bite (if I may say so myself) and will hopefully secure me a sale … soon!

Thanks to issue 1 of Baked and Delicious for the easy and fabzilicious cupcake recipe. *yum*

P.S. The apartment hasn’t sold yet but there’s still time … and if you know of anyone looking to invest in a studio apartment with awesome views of Cape Town … inbox me!