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For those not into the WRC there’s the Charly’s Cake Angels reality show

In between catching some Cape Town sunshine (sans howling wind, please!) this Saturday afternoon, I’m going to make it a mission of mine to catch an episode of Charly’s Cake Angels on SABC3 at 16h00.

Produced by foodie Justin Bonello’s Cooked in Africa team, I’ve only heard good things about the reality show thus far … so will have to catch it for myself to confirm them rumours.

What: Charly’s Cake Angels

Why: Because they are mucking amazing

When: Saturdays at 16h00

Where: SABC3

How: With cupcake in hand

Happy birthday to yooooou!

Dave Duarte, you biscuit!

Happy birthday for yesterday and thank you for presenting an awesome ODMA course at Ogilvy Cape Town – you rock!

And how best to celebrate a birthday? With cupcakes from Charly’s Bakery – of course!

*stuffs face*


Size doesn’t matter …

In baking, when it comes to the matter of size I would say that it’s not necessarily bigger = better.

Case in point, en route back to Cape Town a couple of weeks ago, I bought a choc-chip muffin from Fournos Bakery at OR Tambo International. It was huge so I – Miss Eager Beaver – couldn’t wait to dig into it. (My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach!)

In short, I can’t say it was anything to write home about … rather something to moan about on my blog …

It wasn’t the muffin’s fault but I have to report it was rather tasteless and the hugeness of it all really didn’t do the muffin any justice.

Having said that, however, I (once again) succumbed to a Charly’s Bakery double choc-chip chocolate muffin about a week ago, which I am very happy to announce was mucking afazing! And … it was huge … BUT tasty beyond belief.

Back at home, I bake my own double choc-chip chocolate muffins that are cupcake size but jam-packed full of tummy tickles and anyone munching one would agree, but in our bigger-is-better consumerist existence we prefer to know that if you’r spending R16.50 on a muffin it damn well better be huge – never mind what it tastes like.

OK, that’s my rant done for the day.

Fournos, I don’t dislike your baking by any stretch of the imagination but do feel you need to put your consumers’ taste buds before size and profit.


Mucking afazing indeed

Any visit to Charly’s Bakery leaves me salivating … and these flying piggy biscuits are too freaking adorable not to sink your teeth into.

Oink oink!

Boarding passes, please …