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Can it really be classified as coffee if it doesn’t taste like coffee?

Today I want to rant :)

OK, I want to rant most days but this particular rant is a vital one! For me …

I have a bone to pick with Mugg & Bean. I’m not sure how they get away with classifying their coffee as being suitable for consumption.

Honestly now, a cappuccino at Mugg & Bean costs about the same as at top brand coffee houses yet it doesn’t hold a candle to any of them. How?

I just think back to the days when Mugg & Bean first launched in South Africa. My word, we went moggy didn’t we? It’s as if being able to drink copious amounts of bottomless coffee made it OK to drink the stuff. Then – thankfully – as a nation we started to discover there were other – much better – coffee brands out there. And then suddenly even the Mugg & Bean muffins-on-steroids didn’t make it worth the bother. (Refer to my post about size in baking here:

So why, you may be asking me in your mind (see, I am listening), did I succumb to a cup of ‘Meh’ & Bean if I dislike it so much?

Simple answer: I was about to board my British Airways flight with minutes to spare before the gate closed and the only coffee I could get my hands on was *sigh* Mugg & Bean.

I really didn’t think it would be that bad … boy, was I wrong.

By the way, the book One Day is fabulous (can’t wait to see the movie), and my flight was awesome as always.

Pity I can’t say as much about the coffee …


Not the best ‘reflection’, Beeld

Thank you, Beeld for the free Origin Coffee ... but where's my paper?

Fresh Origin coffee ... great way to start the morning!

Dear Beeld

Contrary to the response I received this morning – by the lovely lady posted in the Ogilvy Cape Town foyer – that Capetonians want everything for free, I do believe that your complimentary offering of freshly brewed Origin coffee should have been accompanied by a free complimentary copy of your paper … surely that would be a better method of amplifying the reflection (‘beeld’ in Afrikaans), the reputation (‘beeld’ in Afrikaans), and image (‘beeld’ in Afrikaans) of your paper?

You see, I’m in PR and my job calls on me to be informed and to read the papers … all the papers, including Beeld. And I genuinely wanted to read your paper this morning … whilst sipping on the complimentary coffee you offered me.

Positioning a free-standing banner advertising the paper is simply not enough. In fact, the connection between reading the paper and coffee was there … but it lacked the paper!

So, my inquiring as to why we were not receiving a complimentary copy of your paper to accompany our complimentary coffee I think was a very valid point to make.

And further more, what’s with the cryptic coffee cup sleeve?

I’m doing a bit of a ‘koppie-krap’ trying to figure this one out …


In short, thank you for the coffee. It was fabzilicious and went down very well with my copy of the Mail & Guardian.

Kind regards,






Wake up and smell the coffee

Happy International Coffee Day!

Where does your favourite coffee come from?

I’m very (very) biased and L-O-V-E Vida e Caffe coffee … especially with that Lindt 70% chocolate morsel dropped in for added ompf.


However, loving the coffee doesn’t mean I love the Vida e Caffe barista and employees screaming my order out or the obligatory ‘obrigado’ when I drop a contribution in the padlocked tip jar … Most times, coffee is my remedy for waking up after a red-eye flight to Jo’burg or a heavy session of Pinotage the night before, so screaming and yelling … not good for my brain … *shhhh*