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Not the best ‘reflection’, Beeld

Thank you, Beeld for the free Origin Coffee ... but where's my paper?

Fresh Origin coffee ... great way to start the morning!

Dear Beeld

Contrary to the response I received this morning – by the lovely lady posted in the Ogilvy Cape Town foyer – that Capetonians want everything for free, I do believe that your complimentary offering of freshly brewed Origin coffee should have been accompanied by a free complimentary copy of your paper … surely that would be a better method of amplifying the reflection (‘beeld’ in Afrikaans), the reputation (‘beeld’ in Afrikaans), and image (‘beeld’ in Afrikaans) of your paper?

You see, I’m in PR and my job calls on me to be informed and to read the papers … all the papers, including Beeld. And I genuinely wanted to read your paper this morning … whilst sipping on the complimentary coffee you offered me.

Positioning a free-standing banner advertising the paper is simply not enough. In fact, the connection between reading the paper and coffee was there … but it lacked the paper!

So, my inquiring as to why we were not receiving a complimentary copy of your paper to accompany our complimentary coffee I think was a very valid point to make.

And further more, what’s with the cryptic coffee cup sleeve?

I’m doing a bit of a ‘koppie-krap’ trying to figure this one out …


In short, thank you for the coffee. It was fabzilicious and went down very well with my copy of the Mail & Guardian.

Kind regards,






And the winners of the Sunday Times Food Awards 2011 are …

Sunday Times Food Awards 2011 Winners

The Sunday Times Food Awards 2011 winners were announced last week Thursday, 6 October at the Foodcorp Innovation Centre’s, 7th Floor in Cape Town.

And without further ado, this year’s winners are:

- Chef of the Year: Wynand van Rooyen of the Mount Nelson Hotel’s Planet Restaurant, Cape Town (back row, right)

- Young Chef of the Year: Ashleigh Heeger from The Test Kitchen by Luke Dale Roberts at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town (front row, right)

- Chef School Challenge Winners: Megin Meikle and Darren O’ Donovan from HTA Culinary School of Art in Randburg, Johannesburg (front row, left and back row, middle respectively)

- Stalwart of the Kitchen: Delvin Reck from Scotty’s Restaurant and Bar in Plettenberg Bay (back row, right)

Nataniel and fabzilicious at the Sunday Times Food Awards 2011

Three personal highlights for me were meeting one of my South African idols Nataniël, who was one of the best MC’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching and listening to (he’s freaking hilarious!); meeting some of Cape Town’s most prominent food and wine bloggers such as Relax with Dax, Batonage, Drizzle and Dip, Squashed Tomato and Food and the Fabulous; and the amaaaaaazing chocolate ice cream and chocolate, fudge brownie sundae I devoured at the end of the evening.

*wipes corners of mouth*

Thank you to Ogilvy PR Cape Town for the invite!

Proudly (half) Italian

Last night the Ogilvy Cape Town PR ladies and one gentle PR man celebrated a fabulous year of uber-PR-ness at Il Leone Mastrantonio in Cape Town.

In all honesty, I’m a rather fussy Italian restaurant diner based solely on the fact that I actually know what good Italian food should taste and look like, and I barely ever eat out at an Italian restaurant because of my fussiness.

Having said that, however, last night was delicious – grazie, Il Leone!

The melanzane alla parmigiana starter was orgasmic, the gnocchi with Gorgonzola were stinky (in oh such a good way) and divine, and my filetto – which was done to perfection – topped with black pepper sauce was … *sigh* … I’m still trying to find the appropriate adjective for it … fabzilicious!

Dessert consisted of a crepe of sorts (had no idea us “I-ties” made crepes…but hey…no worries!) drizzled with a hazelnut chocolate sauce, accompanied by a scoop of creamy (what tasted like homemade) vanilla ice cream *heavenly* and slivers of fresh fruit.

*licks lips*

Word to the wise, when in Cape Town do as the Capetonians do and get yourself to Il Leone Mastrantonio.

Bon appetito!

*waves ciao*


Happy birthday to yooooou!

Dave Duarte, you biscuit!

Happy birthday for yesterday and thank you for presenting an awesome ODMA course at Ogilvy Cape Town – you rock!

And how best to celebrate a birthday? With cupcakes from Charly’s Bakery – of course!

*stuffs face*