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Size doesn’t matter …

In baking, when it comes to the matter of size I would say that it’s not necessarily bigger = better.

Case in point, en route back to Cape Town a couple of weeks ago, I bought a choc-chip muffin from Fournos Bakery at OR Tambo International. It was huge so I – Miss Eager Beaver – couldn’t wait to dig into it. (My eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach!)

In short, I can’t say it was anything to write home about … rather something to moan about on my blog …

It wasn’t the muffin’s fault but I have to report it was rather tasteless and the hugeness of it all really didn’t do the muffin any justice.

Having said that, however, I (once again) succumbed to a Charly’s Bakery double choc-chip chocolate muffin about a week ago, which I am very happy to announce was mucking afazing! And … it was huge … BUT tasty beyond belief.

Back at home, I bake my own double choc-chip chocolate muffins that are cupcake size but jam-packed full of tummy tickles and anyone munching one would agree, but in our bigger-is-better consumerist existence we prefer to know that if you’r spending R16.50 on a muffin it damn well better be huge – never mind what it tastes like.

OK, that’s my rant done for the day.

Fournos, I don’t dislike your baking by any stretch of the imagination but do feel you need to put your consumers’ taste buds before size and profit.